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Rapahel BobieHelp The Youth (HTY) was founded by Raphael Bobie in April 2014. Mr Bobie, a Public Health graduate, developed the idea initially for a Social Enterprise competition, in which the HTY programme was awarded runner up in 2014.

Mr  Bobie has a combination of eight years’ experience in Health and Social Care. Throughout his education, he has dedicated a significant amount of time to his career. He has worked in  primary schools in Hackney as a Teaching Assistant and a Behaviour Support Mentor. Mr Bobie, a determined, ambitious young individual has the potential to undertake any given task. Even from a young age Mr Bobie has been known to have a highly positive influence on others. Additionally, growing up in a deprived area of London and attending public primary, secondary and higher education, Mr Bobie himself knows all too well how easily youth can be influenced by the environment around them. This can result in individuals well-being and education being effected.

Now backed with the knowledge, oral and visual presentation skills acquired throughout his higher education,  as well as his key skills in information gathering, has allowed Mr Bobie to develop an understanding about the factors that impact on the health and well being of populations, the emerging and persistent health issues, patterns and measurements of health and disease. Moreover, Raphael has an insight into the critiquing health policies nationally and internationally. Finally all the above has enabled Raphael to gain the confidence and skills he requires in order to get his abilities known so that he can begin to Help The Youth towards a focused and rewarding path, whilst fulfilling his passion.

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